Whole 30 (the Second Chance)

I’ve decided it’s time. Time to go ALL in and do the Whole 30. I read “It Starts with Food” a few years ago and even tried to complete a Whole 30 at the time. I FAILED. I made it somewhere between 7-10 days and then ate an entire plate of pasta and never looked back.

I’m sure you are wondering why I would even bother trying this again. The answer is simple. I’m in a totally different head space now and I am more capable of handling the struggles effectively than I was the first time around. I honestly don’t think I really wanted to do it the last time and that is why I gave up. I had minimal support and improper planning, it was basically a recipe for disaster.

You may also be thinking…you don’t need to lose weight, why would you put yourself through this? The Whole 30 is not about weight loss. I realize that may be a side effect for some, but my reason for completing it is more about energy and overall health. Some things I have noticed in myself lately are:

  1. Decreased energy in the morning (an increasing desire for more cups of coffee).
  2. GI Issues (without TMI, I have had a lot of bloating and stomach upset lately).
  3. Skin Issues (these are mostly dairy related and I will assess my need for dairy at the end of the Whole 30).
  4. Restless Sleep (lack of sleep is baby-related, but the quality of the sleep I do get could be improved).
  5. Sugar  Dependence (my main motivator–I need to kick my sugar habit and reset my taste buds).

This time…I am fully prepared to tackle these 30 days with a proper plan and with the help of an online support group. I will start Monday (obviously, because every good plan starts on a Monday). That means, today (Friday) is planning day. That gives me the entire weekend to clear the house of tempting “non-compliant” foods and restock with the essentials.

I can’t wait to go through the next 30 days with you as I share my struggles, my successes, and tips and meals I learn along the way! Here’s the plan so far…

  • Friday (February 3rd) — Review the rules on the Whole 30 website and in my book, It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.
  • Saturday (February 4th) — Create Week 1 Meal Plan
  • Sunday (February 5th) — Shop for Week 1 and Prep
  • Monday (February 6th) — Start Day 1!!

If you have any questions about the program I am following or would like to join me in the journey (either privately or via online support group), email me at sunshine.situps@gmail.com



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