Sunshine FITsterhood

Thinking about starting your own health and fitness journey and want to make a little extra money while doing it? I’m always looking for goal-oriented, self-driven ladies to join me in this business.

When I first started as a Beachbody coach, I had zero clue what I was doing. All that I knew was that I wanted to find a passion and a purpose, while staying home with my new baby. My expectations have totally been exceeded. In a short time, I have experienced immense personal and professional growth. I have helped so many ladies and I want to share this opportunity with others!

Each month, I have decided to personally mentor 3 ladies in this business. All training is included and I am here as your personal and professional resource to help you start out on the road to success!

As a coach, you do NOT need to have any experience in the health and fitness industry.

You do NOT need to be in the best shape of your life.

You do NOT need to be a salesperson. In fact, this is not recommended in this business.

You DO need to have a passion for helping others.

You DO need to have a desire to live your best life.

You DO need a willingness to succeed.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, join my LIVE event here!


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