21 Day Fix Snack Ideas

I get a lot of questions about snacks on the 21 Day Fix. I am HUGE snack person. I am always on the go and some days I feel like I am practically living out of my car. It’s not my ideal situation to always be on the run because I do feel like there is something so important about sitting down and enjoying a meal. However, the Mom Life takes over sometimes and on-the-go eating is my saving grace.

Fueling your body with the proper nutrition throughout the day is key to sticking to clean eating. The body and your metabolism work most efficiently when you eat every 2-3 hours. Eating regularly will keep your body burning fat, stabilize blood sugar levels, and keep your energy up! Sounds simple right? Then why do so many people skip eating and starve themselves all day until they find themselves in the nearest drive-thru trying to play catch up?

The answer: They didn’t plan and they weren’t prepared. I have put together a simple list of easy snack ideas with the 21 Day Fix conversions. In my meal plans, I drink Shakeology as a protein snack and then insert another combination for my second snack. My typical day goes something like this:

Breakfast: 8am

Morning Snack: 10am

Lunch: 12-1pm

Afternoon Snack: 3-4pm

Dinner: 6-7pm

Evening Snack (optional): 9pm

Every body is different and depending on the time you typically wake up, exercise, and go to bed; you may need to play around with your schedule until you find the timeline that works for you. Reminder: You should NOT be hungry or starving when using this meal plan. Below is a handy reference that I made containing my favorite snacks! If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix program, email me at sunshine.situps@gmail.com 🙂



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